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Embolisation is an innovative, nonsurgical treatment option for Pelvic congestion syndrome. Interventional radiologists close off these weakened veins to re-route the blood circulation around them. During the procedure, the patient is mildly sedated, and a thin catheter is inserted into the vein in the thigh and guided to the enlarged pelvic veins by X-ray guidance. Tiny coils and /or blocking agents are placed in the enlarged pelvic veins to seal the vein. Once the flow of blood through the veins is stopped, the vein shrinks, and the pain reduces. Patients can resume normal daily activities in a short time.

Embolisation Benefits

  • Performed under mild sedation
  • The procedure usually lasts between one and four hours.
  • Day Care Procedure
  • Shorter recovery time
  • The Patient can return to work and normal activities in a short time.