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Navigation Services 

Navigation Services

Helping patients make informed decisions

Cancer is a multi-dimensional disease needing multi-specialist care. Each individual’s cancer experience is unique,  with its own intricacy and complexity. A cancer diagnosis and planning for treatment can be confusing and challenging for the patient, the family, and loved ones.

Having guides who have knowledge at your side can help patients and families work their way through the twists and turns of finding the right care, making challenging decisions, and reducing the cost of medical care for a highly complex illness.

C3 MEDICARE navigator services are designed to help patients, and their families make “more informed” healthcare decisions when and where it matters most.

Our Navigation Services is a patient-centered, whole-person model Our navigators will:

  •   Help individuals understand their diagnoses and overcome access barriers
  •   Help you find the suitable hospitals and doctors
  •   Reduce medical care costs
  •   Assist you in scheduling appointments with hard-to-reach specialists
  •   Untangle claims, billing, and payment issues
  •   Provide information about patient care
  •   Help in pain management
  •   And much more